Tuesday, July 12

Art Journaling: A Little Bit of Playtime!

We've been finding a new normal around here.
Getting used to being a family of four. And taking lots of naps.

I've been trying hard to do at least a little art in my art journal every day.
And it's hard. But so satisfying.

 that it's hard to create for 5 minutes here or there.
But, I'm finding that I can get a lot done when I do.

I painted a bunch or backgrounds last week.
And now I'm trying to make myself
think outside of my usual creating box,
take risks, and do things a little differently.

I usually just trade off: paint, paper,
more paint, more paper, more paint... you get the idea...
so I'm trying to experiment with different materials
line, line, shape, composition.

I would love to take this art journaling class.
Mostly because I love Aimee Dolich and want to grow up be her one day.
But I know from experience I'm a terrible online student.
I simply don't do the assignments.
Especially right now. I'm a little bit full right now,
but maybe you should take this class and tell me about it.

Happy Arting!
as my friend Janne would say.



  1. glad you are taking some time to know i don't think i am a good online student either...i love to take them, soak in all the ideas, watch the videos, read about the techniques...and i do some of them...they usually just give me ideas to add to what i already do, but i don't follow do each lesson. i probably should!!

    looking forward to seeing what you add to your pretty and colorful background.


  2. You don't need to grow up to be anyone but your amazing self!

  3. A little five minutes every day sounds like a great idea, but I´m not sure I can manage to squeeze even that in now. All the costume-deadlines are closing in :-) Love your pages. Very rich and very you :-) Enjoy the 4-family!

  4. "Inch by inch, everything's a cinch".
    That's what I keep saying and trying to do when I can't finish something all at once!
    (It's something I say in the classroom, too!)
    I admire your work ethic and perseverance, Erin!
    And, of course napping is always good! I LOVE summertime naps...with my pup, Ellie! ♥
    Beautiful artwork, and thank you for showing your process! Blessings to you! ~kathy

  5. Love all the bits of papers you are using. Very inspiring. Thanks!

  6. I love your journal. What a great idea. I'm an artist with not much time and about a month ago I started a prayer journal. maybe I need to make my prayer journal more visual. :) I love that idea! You are an inspiration!