Wednesday, July 27


Okay, um, this is hard. I said it. It's just hard.
One month old and a three year old who won't sleep and refuses to pee pee in the potty.
(We've only had 3 accidents today. good times.)
I keep telling myself I need to lower my expectations. drastically.
And then I think maybe I can take a shower or brush my teeth.
or maybe even ***here's where it gets exciting***
empty the dishwasher.

then all hell breaks loose and I go back to reminding myself to lower my expectations again.
all I really have to do is survive the 9 hours until daddy comes home.

I do find that Jack (my 3 year old) needs me more than he ever has.
That I need to sit down for extended periods of time and engage with him.
You be the mommy bird, I'll be the big boy bird.  
You be the mommy firefighter, I'll be the big boy firefighter.
and on and on and on. all day.
Reminds me of this great post.

And I need to be present for him and for me. 
I know this is a season of survival,
but I also know that it is a season to savor.
That it will be gone faster than I want it to be.
And my laundry will still be dirty.
But  it's  still hard.


  1. Oh Mama, I wish I could hug you.

    When my Jack was born last year and Audrey was a little two year old, I had so many many hard days. It's still hard sometimes. Audrey is 3 now and she seems to need me more than ever. And so does Jack. Being a mama is such a labor of sweet love.

    You are doing a wonderful job. It will get easier.

    Sending you so much love. <3

  2. yes, it is hard. yes, it will get easier...but sometimes that feels so far away...the reality is, it's not. there will be days you don't get a's okay.

  3. yes it is hard. In three weeks my girl goes to kindergarten and yes I will be a bit sad but I still remember that she went FULL THROTTLE with me for 5 years! One day at a time and breathe and cry and DO YOUR BEST. xoRobin

  4. Yes, it is hard. I wish I could stop over to let you take a break, or a shower! I remember the frustration and exhaustion of those months. Take deep breaths and it will eventually flow better and get easier, Erin. It will. I am proud of you for blogging about it and sharing it so we can think of you and send prayers. Though far away, we are here supporting you, friend! Kath