Saturday, August 27

Checking in...

Joshy wanted to say hello...

I didn't mean to be gone for so long
but every year, just like clockwork...
July is fun and lazy and
August comes around and it is crazy.

So since I can't beat August,
I'm just going to join it.
I'm just going to sit back and give in to the craziness
and proclaim a break from blogging
until things settle down for us a little.
I have to remember to him wear
all of his cute 0-3 clothes.

Josh is 10 weeks old and
Jack turns 3 on Tuesday.
Jack is potty training
and has decided to stop taking naps
and he starts preschool next week.
so we have a lot of change
a lot of adjusting.
a lot of figuring out.

Joshy in my moby wrap.
I love it.

Josh is super sweet.
He is smiling and talking and kicking and lifting up his head.
He never, ever stops eating.

This is my teaching partner (aka: my other spouse)
The best partner. ever.
School starts for me in August, which is always
fun and exciting and a ton of work.
I'm sharing the job this year, which I am very, very thankful for.
And I love first grade. They are so capable. And sweet.

Helping mom with the laundry.

Here are some peaks of our month so far.
I'll be back to blogging in September.
oh. that's next week.
okay, maybe it'll be October...

I'm trying my hardest to take pictures with my boys,
without worrying about what I look like.
The important thing is that they have pictures with their momma.

Jack had his last Mommy & Me class.
He loved his teacher, Miss Kristen.

Daddy can make Josh smile and talk better than anyone.


Tuesday, August 2

Mixed Media Collage prints in the shop!

Celebrate new prints in the shop with a sale!
Buy 2, get 1 free.
Help me get to 500.
seriously exciting.

This is my favorite.
It has a great story behind it.
Thank you Cassie Ray!
Here are some of the others.

There is something so satisfying about picking up prints.
 Finished. Cross it off the list. Now let's brew some coffee & get ready for Queen Bee.

Monday, August 1

Monday: Queen Bee Market is coming...

the Queen Bee Market

Next Saturday is the big day.
The Queen Bee Market will be here,
at the Bay Front Hilton, on San Diego Bay 
There are so amazing displays of handmade goodness.
Come by and shop and say hi. It is always a good time. 
I'm picking up new prints today (whoop, whoop!),
 I'll share them with you & and start a sale tomorrow.
I'm closing in on 500 sales this month!

This week's art time will be spent
finishing more prints & getting ready for the Queen Bee Market

The list:
*Pick up a boat load of prints from the printer. (Yahoo!)
*Spend a moment, no matter how small, with Jesus.
*Be present, engage with Jack today. Spend good time interacting with him.
*Move. Take a walk around the lake. around the block. to the mailbox! success.
*Clean up. Yes, Julie, having a second brings entirely new meaning to the words "messy house".
*Don't check email until nap time. This is really hard for me.

Watch the bachelor finale.
List new prints in shop (ugh.)
Finish Josh's birth announcement.
Finish Josh's thank you cards & actually SEND THEM!