Monday, August 1

Monday: Queen Bee Market is coming...

the Queen Bee Market

Next Saturday is the big day.
The Queen Bee Market will be here,
at the Bay Front Hilton, on San Diego Bay 
There are so amazing displays of handmade goodness.
Come by and shop and say hi. It is always a good time. 
I'm picking up new prints today (whoop, whoop!),
 I'll share them with you & and start a sale tomorrow.
I'm closing in on 500 sales this month!

This week's art time will be spent
finishing more prints & getting ready for the Queen Bee Market

The list:
*Pick up a boat load of prints from the printer. (Yahoo!)
*Spend a moment, no matter how small, with Jesus.
*Be present, engage with Jack today. Spend good time interacting with him.
*Move. Take a walk around the lake. around the block. to the mailbox! success.
*Clean up. Yes, Julie, having a second brings entirely new meaning to the words "messy house".
*Don't check email until nap time. This is really hard for me.

Watch the bachelor finale.
List new prints in shop (ugh.)
Finish Josh's birth announcement.
Finish Josh's thank you cards & actually SEND THEM!



  1. I LOVE your displays, Erin!
    So're flying so WELL!!!
    Way to go, mommy:)
    (and that small moment with Jesus
    ....I have a feeling He was enjoying
    all of that other time (the rest of the list) with you and smiling dotingly on His Erin the whole while.
    Yep, I just bet He is just that into you:)

  2. Oh, I wish I was going to be in town! I wanted to go to the next Queen Bee Market. Hopefully, next time. I wish you tons of success of course! :) 500 sales - that is SO awesome Erin!! Where do you get your prints made if you don't mind me asking? I don't even know where to start with that! :) Good luck getting everything done this week.