Tuesday, November 22

Queen Bee Market with a side of random

came and went.
It came and went without one single itty bitty
picture taken on my part.
On Friday night I forgot my camera. Oh well.
On Saturday I remembered my camera
and forgot my memory card.
But I did remember my 2 small children
bottles, diapers & all,
and fall in love with Mindy
Does everyone already love her?
Love, love, love her new Christmas CD.


I took Joshy to school.
He was completely entertained by first graders. The whole time.

I'm madly finishing a bunch a Christmas pieces with scripture
for my house and for the big shop sale on black Friday.

Watching Parenthood. Best show on television.
I think they might have a hidden camera in our house.
Anyone wanna come over?

Wanna laugh until you cry?
Here are some of my new favorite blogs:
she introduced me to her as she talked me down
from the mommy's going crazy ledge
who introduced me to her
which led me here
and I always love her

and oh *&^%&*#.
nap time canNOT be over already.
i think I might cry.
and put on another pot of coffee at 3:00 in the afternoon.

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