Tuesday, March 6

Word Art Wednesday: I will sing praises...


I've been trying to join Cassandra and her friends
at Word Art Wednesday since January and I finally camped out on
the kitchen table and made art. for me. for fun.
 feels so good.

It's really cool to see how unique everyone's work is, with the same scripture.
Not to get too spiritual on you, but I'm gonna anyway
it's such a metaphor for our faith.
It looks different in us and in what we create,
but the truth remains the same.
And God made us so unique, that each of our relationships
with him look different. are fundamentally different.
just like our relationship with our own children.
so we can't compare ourselves and our faith with other people.

 I made 2 pieces and I don't think they're finished.
here is a little glimpse of the process



  1. Erin: I am so glad that you were able to find the time to play along with us this week at Word Art Wednesday. I love the fact that you PAINT. It is unique and refreshing, not to mention beautiful. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week. We are blessed to have you any week you are able to join us. Hope you're having a great week.
    Karen L - Social Media Coordinator
    Word Art Wednesday
    P.S. I would like to invite you to stop by my to visit and say hello, and if you like - it would be great to have you as a new follower. I would also like your permission to follow your blog. I always like to ask permission first. I hope to see you soon at my blog.

  2. Love the "artiness" of your pages. I have to make do with rubber stamps etc as I'm not at all gifted in freehand art.

    Margaret xx

  3. Love the painting technique. After you added the black it really made the colors pop. Thanks for playing with us at WAW.

  4. This is so pretty. I love seeing your process as well.

  5. your bright pretty words caught my heart
    and twirled it uplifted
    ...."sing praises" !
    Yes, I think I'll do just that
    and I send glad thanks
    for the sweet reminder
    from your beautiful art
    and heart:)

  6. Wow Erin! You are so talented! Your work is amazing! Blessed to have your blog over from One Artsy Mama!!!
    New Follower!
    Jen @ F5