Thursday, April 12

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

How do I forget to take pictures at every major event & holiday?
Do you do that too?
I did manage to get a few good ones.
We had a marathon Easter day:
Family Easter egg hunt first thing.
Butson Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's
Easter miracle: Everyone napped at the same time.
McWhorter Easter at Mimi & Papa's

I've been on spring break from school,
so its been just the boys and I...
and we are finding our rhythm.
I'm figuring out how to bridge the chasm between
being the fantasy mom I want to be and the annoying constraints of reality.
I keep asking myself what's really important here?
eating real food.
reading books.
brushing teeth.
um, come on moms, tell me what I'm forgetting here...

We are finally, finally back to church,
with both boys in Sunday school,
for about a month now. and I've seriously
never loved church so much.
to sit and listen and soak it all in
for an entire hour and then some.
what is that?!?
every single week I think that sermon was so good.
and I'm pretty sure it was good, but I'm just not used to
hearing a sermon the whole way through.
so, all this to say... wahoo!

There's soem, not a lot, but some, art being created here.
Life is full with two boys
and I'm okay with that right now.
There will always be time for art.
But my boy will not always look up and ask,
"Do you want to play trains with me, mama?"
Seriously sweet.
I feel like I was fighting it,
trying to do it all for the longest time.
And I simply can't.
And that's okay for now.

Jack starts swimming lessons today
in preparation for our big trip to Texas in June.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy Thursday to you, too, Erin! Your family is beautiful!

  2. yes, always time for that:)
    you're doing brilliantly sweet mama,

  3. Yes, they grow up too soon, gotta remember that. Thanks Erin for reminding me : ) Have a great weekend!

  4. so fun! i always get caught up and forget pictures, too :)
    and sounds fun, visiting texas!