Sunday, December 30

On Being Broken

I loved this sermon this morning.
One of the best Christmas sermons I've heard. ever.
Because I'm so broken.
We are all so broken.
This world is so broken.
And honestly
 I love this message of brokenness. 
I always have.
It feels like freedom.
It gives me hope.
 like this huge weight is lifted knowing
that I am now, and always will be broken
this side of heaven..

Knowing that I don't have it all together.
I'll never have it all togther.
and I don't have to pretend like I do.

Knowing that (every day when I wake up)
I need a Savior like I need air and water
not just a decision I made when I was 12,
but every single morning knowing:
I can't do this alone.
I don't want to do this life alone.
I need Jesus.

And Jesus changes everything.

He makes all things new.
He breathes life into the dead.
He makes ugly, gross things beautiful.
He turns our darkness into light.

I don't know how He does it.
But I know that He can't NOT do it.
Not in theory or in idea but for REAL.
right HERE. right NOW.

Read the gospels.
He can't come into something and leave it the same.
There is always a change.
every. single. time.
That is my prayer for me and for you in this new year.
To invite Jesus in.
To let Him change us.
To have courage to follow Him.
To have eyes to see and ears to hear.

*In Life of the Beloved Henri Nouwen speaks beautifully about our brokenness. He explains it in a way that I've never heard before, in a way that has always stuck with me.
I love this book.

Saturday, December 15


I had this post planned and then everything happened yesterday.
And I had the kids with me all so I didn't know really what happened until 
I watched last night. Just wrecked. This can't be real.
Can we just stop it?!?! Please. Pretty please.
Then I read Jeanette's post and this is what she shared
and I wanted to share it with you
Okay, here's the post I was going to post:

Oh. And I'm going to continue the scripture journaling series. 
It just might take me a year. 
And I'm okay with that. 
Because I need to go sing Jingle Bells and rock out with my boys.
And feed them. I should probably feed them too. 

We've been doing lots of life. 
Sometimes my hands get so full, I have to 
drop everything that's not essential. 
Too bad that sleep is not an option...
We have spent the last few months...

watercolor painting

tree decorating

looking smart

Christmas card making.
(I still need to get them out!)

Studio mess making.

Santa meeting

nature hiking.
daddy + sticks + hiking =
heaven on earth for a little boy

stick collecting
It's more of an obsession.
(I find piles of them everywhere.)

mountain climbing

crack making for neighbors

art journaling

picture taking

coffee spilling
one big dump.
all over my computer.
one big humongous spill.

snowman family making
(need to finish...)

tree making
(need to finish...)

finger painting

backyard camping

backyard fire making

I'm really thankful for you.
Thank you for stopping by.