Saturday, February 9

DIY Mixed Media Valentine's Day Banner

Okay, so I'm a little heart crazy. I can't help it.
Of course I wanted to post this 2 weeks ago to prepare for Vday,
but it would be going against my nature to do anything ahead of time.
My personal motto:
There's no time like the very last minute.

Here's what you need:

Unstretched canvas
(One of my favorite things. ever.)
*If you don't have canvas on hand, you can also use several sheets of cardstock.
Just make sure to put a layer of Mod Podge over your paint to make it more durable.

Old Text

Acrylic Paint


A Glue Gun

A Sewing Machine

1. Make Your Fabric.
I love, love, love making my own fabric.
Not only is it a huge $ saver but it's unique and handmade.
and I love it.

This is a scrap left over from this project.
Spread out your canvas and start painting designs.
I don't measure. It's about 18 x 24 inches.

I chose 4 colors. Start simple, with one color.
 Here are some ideas for lines & shapes. 
Then add the next color, and the next.
Until your fabric is filled.

2. Cut it up & line it up.
Then cut it into rectangles, or triangles, or half circles.
Whatever you want. I chose rectangles

3. Sew it up.
Stitch your rectangles to a piece of ribbon or twine.
(Get your 4 year old to help!)

4. Add details with old text & paint.
Cut smaller rectangles out of old text.
Cut a heart shape out of the center of each piece of text
and apply to the banner with gel medium.
Finger paint the center of the hearts different colors.
Paint lines and patterns over the text.

5. Hang it up.
And enjoy it every single day.


***Random Act of Love***
Make one for someone you love & send it
OR sneak into their house & hang it up.



  1. Love this Erin! How sweet! I just love Valentine's Day and hearts, too! So does your big little boy!

  2. Beautiful! You need to link "In the studio" with Jennifer at Studio JRU.

  3. I love your chalkboard lettering. This is just such a cute idea.