Thursday, June 13

Live, Love, Laugh... Finished & a Give Away!

Finally. Finished.
A few fun wordy flowery collage pieces.

I'll be giving away this set of 3 prints on Facebook!
Just like or leave a comment to enter.
Open until tomorrow night.

Thanks for stopping by & supporting & encouraging!
It means the world to me!



  1. Do you Instagram? A friend in Northern England Instagrammed one of your prints - I believe it is a verse out of Esther - and I recognized it immediately and was thrilled to see it! I'd be happy to tag you on her post. I just think she was encouraged by it and loved your visualization of the verse.

    Come to think of it, I think your style is perfect for English aesthetic... hmm... ;-)

  2. Very FRESH, Miss Erin! Love them!

  3. These are so gorgeous - and the quotes really uplift! Would love to win them!