Tuesday, September 24

Scripture Sunday *Free* Printable: Be joyful! 2 Corinthians 13:11

I'm so glad you stopped by.

I made a little printable for us to print out, put up, and give away. 

I created a bunch of scripture printables 
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Do you want to create your own scripture art?
It's fun, I promise. And you don't have to consider 
yourself an artist to get a little creative and grow in your faith.
Join me here, for 31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling.

Saturday, September 21

Trying to figure it out...

Sit down.
This is a long one.
 You've heard me say, more than once,
okay almost every day, that I can't find a balance in my life between
home and school and art and keeping it all together.
There just aren't enough hours in a day, right?
And I've just been feeling overwhelmed,
and scattered and a little bit lost.
And that feeling pulls me into depression.
I just kind of shut down when I know that I can't succeed.
That I will never be able to do it all, you know?
All day, from 6am to about 8pm I do kids OR teach school and then home.
 And I like it. I'm thankful for my boys and my schedule.
But that in itself is plenty. More than enough to fill up life.
But then there is art.
There is this passion. This longing
that fills me up and makes me happy.
But my art time is precious..
I have between 8pm and 12pm to create. That's it.
And that's only on days I have energy left to create 
after a full day of kids.
Enter art licensing.
Last October. I received an email from AD Lines Eurogroup,
wanting to represent my work for art licensing.
Before they contacted me, I thought licensing was it.
the goal. the end all. be all.
And once I got there I would have arrived.
I've discovered that, while it's exciting to think about having my work in real live stores,
it's a lot, a lot, a lot of long hours, without guaranteed pay.
You create collections that take hours and days and weeks.
blood, sweat, and tears.
sleepless nights wake to crazy busy days with the littles.
and then you hope people buy them.
And you have no idea how much you might make.
And it feels like working for free.
So, after several months of insanity and exhaustion,
and what feels like running in circles,
I've run out of steam and everything else.
I'm asking myself...
What am I doing here?
Where am I investing my life?
my time? my energy?
And it all seems really futile and
 fleeting and pointless.
If our life is but a breath...
then what am I doing?
I haven't read my Bible.
I haven't spend time in the presence of Jesus.
I ask for "Help me!" prayers
"Please bless this thing I'm doing!"
but rarely do I ask God to let me be a part of what He is doing.
To join in His rescue plan for bringing his children back to himself. 
Rarely do I stop to ask Him His plan for my life.
Mostly I just tell Him my plan and and run ahead, leaving Him in the dust.
I feel like God has a great big purpose for my life.
And I feel like I'm missing it.
I'm running around in circles. Chasing my tail.
 I'm not taking time to listen to God and lean into Him.
I haven't made him a priority. Just an after thought.
 And then I went to bible study and heard this amazing message from Christine Caine
about frogs and Pharoah and how God wants to remove my frogs
and restore intimacy with Him today.
not tomorrow.
and occurred to me that I've been living for tomorrow.
 I've been waiting for God to remove my frogs...
I've been waiting...
until the kid are older
until I have more time.
until, until, until...
And God has been whispering...
This is the day that the Lord has made.
today is the day of salvation.
Today is the day.
because there is no tomorrow.
I love this verse where Moses pleads with the Israelites:
Today I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you
that I have set before you life and death,
blessings and curses.
Now choose life,
so that you and your
children may live.
and that you may love the LORD your God,
listen to his voice, and hold fast to him.
For the LORD is your life,
and he will give you many years in the land
he swore to give to your fathers,
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
So, I'm stepping back.
I'm sleeping.
I'm finally open to
whatever God has for me.
I'm sitting and waiting and being still.
And it feels good.
Thanks for listening.

Friday, September 13

Life Happens

I joined Kim's mug swap this year.
My package came I think I got the best one. ever.
Over the top generous and cute and perfect.
Thank you sweet Sally.
Look at the loot!
Starbucks Caramel Via,
good chocolate,
vintage fabric

And of course, a great big Texas mug.
Perfect size for my morning coffee.

Handmade mug rugs.
Seriously cute.

Mini quilt and journal.

wow. you are the best, Sally.
 Thank you so much.

Josh if officially 2.
This tantrum is because Spidey's leg wouldn't bend the right way.
He is so up and down. All cuddles and kisses one moment,
and throwing a screaming fit the next.

"Stop looking at me, mom.
I don yike you. nevah. evah. evah."

I'm excited to start contributing scripture art work
to a new blog called Pick Your Portion.
Different writers and artists contribute each day.
I like the idea of reading together and seeing how others respond, you know?
I also like having someone tell me what to read in the Bible.
If it were up to me I would read the gospels and Ephesians and Psalms.
over and over and over. I have.
But there's good stuff in the other parts too, so there's that.


We've been busy.
Lots of baseball with daddy.

Lots of music making.

Lots and lots and lots of park with Julie and Kristi and kids.
{thank you!}

Riding motorcycles with friends.

Making new friends,
"Hi, I'm Joshy. What's yours?"

Toasted Almonds on top of chicken barley soup.

Packaging Etsy orders to go to the post office.
The boys know all the Post Office people by name.
{Thank you!}

I painted this bench by the door to freshen things up a little.
I need to sand it and rough it up a little.

And then I made this painting for above the fireplace.
I'm not sold on it. It's hard having my own art on the wall.
It's so in your face. All I can see is what I would change.

And I've been sneaking in a little bit of art here and there.
I'm working on a coffee series that's been brewing {ha!}
in my mind for a very long time.

And as it turns out...
I'm a pro. {Who knew?}
The editor of Somerset Apprentice asked me to answer some questions.
I was honored. Thank you for including me and making me feel like a pro.


That's all for now.
Happy Friday, friends!

life rearranged