31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 1 A Simple Start

Thank you for joining me for
31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling.

I wanted to choose something for the 31 day challenge that I wanted to do anyway.
Art journaling scripture is one of those things.

I would love for you to join me. It's really fun. and freeing. I promise.
You've just gotta start. With me. Today.
 Link up any journal pages you make in your comments so we can see.
It's more fun that way.

So what's an art journal anyway?
Here are a ton of great examples of art journals.
Don't let it intimidate you. The beauty of an
art journal is that it is anything you want it to be.
A place for you to create for you. To play. To take risks.

I started off with super simple ideas & materials, so you will just jump in and try it.
I'll add a different technique or tip each day.
And most importantly, I'llbe creating with you each day.
The cool thing I find when I journal consistently is that as I take risks in my journal, I take find myself taking more risks in my "real art" and I grow from it.

Okay I'll stop rambling...
Let's get started!
Starting Simple

In Your Art Journal

Okay here we go...


Day 1: Starting Simple

The best way to start art journaling is simply to start.
Choose a scripture that you love and doodle to your hearts content.
Keep adding lines and dots and more lines until you are finished.

(I use an extra fine point Sharpie.)

Happy journaling!
Don't forget to link up your art journals in the comments.

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  1. I love your doodle! I am a journal keeper, scrapper but the drawing...not so much BUT I so appreciate the inspiration I see from these types of doodles. I occasionally doodle, just more word focused I guess. Love the inspiration!

  2. Awesome! I've been wanting to art journal more an I can't think of a better way than using The Word for inspiration! Excited to join you! :)

  3. Great idea, this past month I have been keeping a 31 days of praise visual journal. It has been a good journey.

  4. I love this idea Erin!
    I so want to join in.

  5. This is such a beautiful idea! I am looking forward to seeing & reading about your 31 days!! :)

  6. Love this idea and can't wait to see what you come up with. I have seen this type of journaling lately online and have been intrigued. I am also doing 31 Days (31 Days of God's Word for my kids). Maybe I will journal some of them like this.

  7. I love seeing your blog name bold in my Google Reader :) Glad to see I'll have a month of it! Who knows...maybe I'll have an art journal by the end?

  8. So beautiful....what a perfect place
    to start:)

  9. Oh I love this SO MUCH. I have been journaling a wee bit and sharing on instagram and I love it so much! My 31 day series is on praying the it would be really fun to combine these 2!! :)

  10. Love this! Putting His word into visual form...definately opens my eyes to new possibilities of using my creative talents for spreading His word and love. Thanks for sharing,

  11. I like it! I might go find a journal, pretty up the cover, and join you!


  12. I've been trying to motivate myself to do exactly this for about a year now, but I always chicken out. Maybe I'll finally take the plunge and join you this month!

  13. oooohhh love this so much!! i already do a bit of it in my daily journal, but this will push me out of my (very) non artistic rut!! thanks!

  14. This is really great. What happens after day 7? Thanks!

  15. Found this on Pinterest and did my first scripture doodle today! Not really a doodle, but I love the way it turned out!

  16. I read your blog yesterday and was inspired. So I went to the local thrift shop and bought a few books, today! Here is my first attempt at art journaling.

  17. I did it! I'm such a newbie at this, but I love it. Thanks so much for this series and the inspiration!

  18. How do we access the rest of the 31 days posts?

  19. I was just reading through your posts and the links for days 21-31 do not work. Will you be fixing these links?

  20. I just found your series and love it. Hope you're able to finish the other posts. Thanks for the information!

  21. i just realised you are running this series via your FB post. i will try to have a go! thank you so much for sharing your process!

  22. I did a page today here:

  23. So glad I found you on Pinterest. I already doodle, but never thought about creating a catalog to use in a creative way in my structured prayer journal. I am going to have to give it a try! Thanks!

  24. I want to start this week! Thanks for inspiring me.

  25. Found your blog through Pinterest. Started following you on IG. So I can tag you in my daily scripture art! Thank you for the wonderful ideas and tutorials! Loving it!