Friday, December 20

InstaFriday: Mountain House Edition

Christmas Orders are shipped.
School is out.
And we are up at the mountain house 
for a few days of snow before Christmas. 
I look forward to it all year. 

***Be prepared... ***
I got a new camera for Christmas, 
and I love it. It's 1,000 times better than my old one.
So there are many, many shameless pics of the kids.

We waited for snow all day yesterday. 
And it finally came in the late afternoon.

 We have been playing and hiking...




fire making...

And a lot of this...

and this...

 and making playdough cupcakes...

playing bumper pool...

snowball fighting...


Snowman making...


Lots of coffee and games and pajamas 
and puzzles and cookies.
Too much food. 
Plenty of tantrums and time outs, too. 
Joshy screamed the whole way driving over to the tubing hill.
Hysterical. Crying. Yelling. I don't want to go.
We knew he would love it so we made him go. 
He screamed bloody murder all the way up the hill and all the way down.
People were staring. Um, is he okay?
As soon as we got down the hill: 
That was fun. Let's go again. 
Of course.

That's our week. 
Hope your are enjoying yours.



  1. What a beautiful house in the woods! Gorgeous. Your family pics are so sweet, Erin! Enjoy your vacation and have a very Merry Christmas! My vacation started two hours ago! Kath

  2. The pictures with the snow capped trees are just perfect!

  3. Mountain Home Idaho? I'm in Boise!

    Merry Christmas :) Stopping by from Insta-Friday