Sunday, December 15

Plastic Overload...

I kind of always go overboard on the plasticky excess this time of year.
I don't mean to. I start off super spiritual with some kind of advent devotional. 
And I do it for one day {two if I'm lucky} and then I hit the Dollar Tree 
And I just go a little nuts. I just do. 
Instead of one snow globe, I buy four.
{It's only a dollar for cryin' out loud!}
Really? why?
But it's for the kids.
Is it really?

Like a starving child gorging herself on Doritos and Oreos.
It's junk that I love. Junk that is void of anything good and real and life-giving.
and yet my body craves real food.
nutrition. sustainance. in order to live.
my soul craves the real stuff.
And I keep shoving all of this plastic at it. 

At least I caught myself this year. That's a start, right?
I was trying to figure out what to put in the advent calendar,
so I took a harmless little trip to the Dollar Tree. Ha! 
I went a little hog wild. Then I put all the loot in the garage for a week.

When I went to wrap it all up, it made me want to puke. 
Plastic crapola. Everywhere. Gross.
So I was like, hmmmm... 
 Is this what I want our Christmas to be about?
Is this the message I want to send about what's important to us?

Hmmm... maybe I should stick a Bible verse in here to be somewhat 
spiritual and feel better about my gorge.
Because we all know the kids will race down stairs each 
morning to find out what the day's Bible verse, right?

And then I got tired.
And then that's as far as I got, and ya know what we do?
We stick the number on the day and call it a day. That's it.
No plastic. No crafts. No Bible verse.
A simple little count down.
And it's awesome.
They don't know any different.

So, other than counting down the days,
here's what we've been up to...

Putting up Christmas lights

Josh loves to help.

Preschool Christmas programs.
Very serious business.

A trip to the mall and a ride on the train.

Finishing up some commissioned orders.

Riding motorcycles.
Also very serious.

More making...

Playing with with plastic nativity sets...

Santa's Workshop: Making Christmas gifts
in my lovely pajamas

Sawing and sanding calendars...

And more sawing and sanding

Packaging & mailing

Several trips to the post office later...

Tomorrow is the last day to buy from the shop to make 
sure that it arrives before Christmas! 

Christmas is so magical and intense with these littles.
They get so undone with excitement in the smallest things. 
Even the smallest of things are humongous to them:
putting up stockings, getting out the snowglobes 
{See! It's a good thing we have 15!},
putting up lights, making cookies, decorating the tree.
all completely magical.

usually followed up by a good dose of fighting, crankiness, 
disrespect; ending in a lovely extra long time out. 
Hope you are having a magical Christmas 
{as my oldest is screaming at the top of his lungs in his room in time out}



  1. Nice post!
    Thanks for sharing all the fun photos!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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  3. I love your blog, your art, and your enthusiasm for the things if God.