Wednesday, February 26

DIY Mossy Monogrammed Wreath

Okay so, I know it's still February, but I'm ready for spring.
I thought I'd freshen up our porch with a little mossy monogrammed wreath.

Moss (I bought this loose moss from the craft store)
A big wooden letter
A Glue Gun
A Big Frame (From a thrift store)

1. Glue on your moss.
My B is all spray painted from another project I used it for,
but don't worry about that.
Just cover small portions of your letter with
hot glue and press moss down on it.

2. Give your letter a trim.
It will look a little hairy.
Just cut around your letter with sharp scissors.

3. Spray your letter with a clear acrylic sealer.
I used the Mod Podge brand, but any brand will do.

4. Find a frame that your letter will fit in.
 I found this at a thrift shop years ago and painted it white.

5. Tie your letter to your frame with a little burlap.

6. Hang up your letter & enjoy!

Happy Spring , friends!


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