Saturday, January 9

I love this quote. Thank you, George.

It's such a great reminder. It's not to late. It's never too late.

New stuff I want to try:
paper clay
saving my pennies for fun markers...

I'm so inspired by the melange on etsy team group right now. wow... I'm just feeling... scattered. unfocused. a little overwhelmed. not knowing which direction to go in next.

I think I just need to be quiet for a little bit. slow down. breathe. The baby just went to sleep so I think I'll do just that...


  1. What a beautiful piece of art! I love that quote, too. It's been a joy getting to know you through Melange. I understand your comment about being overwhelmed. The possibilites in the world of mixed media art make me feel a little like being a kid in a candy many wonderful directions to take that it's hard to choose just one at a time! :-)

  2. I've felt that way many times over the last couple of years, that's why I pretty much stick with painting and collage. At one time I had box of knitting supplies and yarn, a closet full of fabric, 2 rooms full of art supplies and more...I spent more time collecting the things I wanted to do more so than doing them! LOL I figure I'm going to cut back on the experimenting as much and maybe limit it to a couple new techniques this year and just improve my skills with those. But hey, journaling can be done simultaneously with your painting--just have one handy as you paint and wipe xs paint and stamps on it, creating backgrounds for your pages as you paint your other work :)

    Have a great day@