Friday, January 8

A Beautiful Day...

I swear that January is the best month in San Diego.
The sun is bright, not overcast.
The tempurature is perfect.
And I can wear a scarf.

Papa & Jack at the beach
Such a fun day today.
Ate great Mexican food and walked on the beach with Mimi & Papa.
Discovered, explored, puttered around.
Climbed in the wagon. Climbed out of the wagon. x 100

Jack exploring in the back yard.
One of his favorite things to do, of course.
I love this picture. It totally captures his serious look.
He gets so serious about his exploring outside.
He loves this birch tree.
He loves to shake the branches &
make the whole tree shake &
then he giggles with pride and delight.

so thankful for these moments.

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