Tuesday, January 26

One of my favorite things in life...

stuff i want to do

So, one of my favorite things in life is my creative women's nonbookclub, just a club... we started off with a book and then dropped the book and kept the food, wine, creative projects, & lots of laughter...

This was our latest project from our sweet visitor Kelley over at Fogarty Ranch...
She posted hers too. super easy. really fun to make & share with each other. it was cool to see how different our all were.

So here are the rules & instructions to create with your own nonbookclub:
1.)Pick a word for the year. A word you want to focus on. Mine is acceptance. I need it all the way around.
2.)Watercolor fun designs on cardstock.
3.)Write down fun stuff you'd like to do this year.
Key word is fun.
No beating yourself up, "I suck" stuff.
Okay. I admit. I kinda broke the rules with lose weight & spend less money, ut I just felt like I had to get those down before I could do the fun stuff.

Anyway, fun to do. fun to share. I'll let you knowabout my progress...
if you get around to making one in any form, please share yours...


  1. What a wonderful idea! I am going to go and make one of these using my 2010 Word. Thank you for sharing.

    I just popped over from Mary's blog at A Splendid Adventure and I'm so glad I did.

    Lee Ann

  2. I love this and I totally want to make one! Not even kidding. Might add fabric to mine. I will let you know what i pull off. :)


  3. Love it Ging. Let me know when you do & I'll link to it.