Saturday, February 6

Valentine's Day Sweetness

Okay, that's not fair. January just flew by... where did it go... I have no idea. And now Valentine's Day is upon us. And I love Valentine's Day. Love it. let me explain... I teach kindergarten! And what is thehappiest day in school besides Halloween? Valentine's Day.

It is the sweetest cutest thing because you forget that the kids have never done this before. In their whole life. So they write every student's name on a Valentine (a humongous feat for a kinder) and then they put on their little mailman hats and deliver them to each other. And when they get this huge pile of love notes, they really can't believe it. They are beside themselves. Elisa says, (gasp) "It has my name on it! It's from Shannon. Mrs. B., Shannon gave my a Valentine!!!!" That x 20. So sweet.

May you surprise the people you love with Valentine's today.

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