Friday, January 8

A year of trying stuff on...

Here is one of my latest. I just got it back from the printer & I love the way all of the prints turned out. I always do. The detail is really amazing. You can really see the layers of paper and paint... Thank you Jim!

I also just got my first wholesale order of cards for the giftshop at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, which is a whole nother thing I need to learn how to do... but I'm really excited to try out the world of wholesale and see if it's a good fit for me.

Last year was a big year for me.
A lot of trying on,
seeing what fits,
seeing what makes my butt look enormous,
seeing what makes my heart leap.

A review of 2009:
My work was in a show at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas. It sold. So fun. So encouraging.
My work was in Art Show at the Dog Show in Kansas. 3 of my favorite collages I've done.
Showed my work in Honey's cafe for the 2nd time.
Started my blog! Entered an incredible community of mixed media artists & friends. Total encouragement & learning...
1st outdoor show: Carlsbad's Art Walk. Didn't sell anything, but learned a lot.
2nd outdoor show: Carlsbad Street Fair. I actually made some sales.
So fun, so encouraging.
20 sales on Etsy.
Joined the Melange on etsy team. super encouraging.

Where to go from here?
There are so many things I want to do in this new year,
but most of all I want to continue to try things on,
to see what fits,
to grow up and become who I really am,
to find out what I was created for...
what an adventure is this life we've been given.
a pure gift.

So what is it that makes your heart leap? Let me know...

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