Monday, March 1

My Dream Come True!

I have some really exciting news for you.
well, actually, it's for me.
exciting news for me.
Life changing.
Before you read any further, think about the best email you could possibly get.
I got it:

Hey Erin. I just received an email from yet another person who cannot come and is gifting her registration to a lucky recipient. Thank goodness I went through and chose the top 3 winners and kept the emails. You were number 2 so I am happy to say you can come for free. need to pick some classes.

Who is it from?!?
Teesha freakin' Moore.
The art journal goddess Teesha Moore.
ya. that teesha moore.

so, my first thought was...
I'm going.
my second thought was...
I can't leave my 18 month old booboohead for that long.
my third thought was...
I can't even afford to buy a new covergirlmascara, let alone a plane ticket...
my fourth thought was...
I'm going.

and guess what?
I'm going.

Port Townsend, Washington
March 24-29


  1. Oh my gosh!!
    You will have a blast!!
    So cool!!

  2. Yayy for you! You lucky lucky thing! Yes, you must go, your baby will cope without you for a short while :-) You will have huge anounts of fun!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Did you make an art calendar once baby was asleep?! Let me know, Kate x
    P.S. I love your funky journal pages

  3. Working my way back through your blog in the couple minutes I have now (can't wait to get home and really absorb all the amazingness)... anyway, this post made me laugh and tear up too. What a cool story and amazing prize...SO GLAD that you won!!!