Saturday, February 27

The Children's Museum and Serious Vaccuuming...

We went to the Children's Museum in Escondido for the first time today. We could spend all day every day there. Gets us out of the house and it means I don't feel guilty about not going to the park. This little guy is obsessed with vaccuum cleaners. for real. He runs to the closet, opens the door, points to the vaccuum and whines in a high pitched voice,"Mom!(x 1000)(not mmommy. not momma. just mom.)until I ackonwledge the vaccuum. So, we wentto this museum with a million gazillion new fun toys, and what does he do for a good 30 minutes? You guessed it... Tongue out. concentrating. very serious about vaccuuming.

1 comment:

  1. Oh so adorable!!
    Where did you get the vacuum??
    My grandson would love it.
    He also loves brooms - he loves to help sweep!!!