Tuesday, May 4

Art I'm working on...

I pulled out those backgrounds I started working on in March.

This one was a commission that sweet Rachel made for her sister.
so sweet.

This is one of my favorite verses
and I think I'm done.
I think.

This one started like this

And turned into this.

and I couldn't get the girl right,
so she turned into this.
I'm not finished.

I'm loving painting with my fingers.
And turquoise, yellow + red color combination.
Art is fun today.


  1. Very cute!! I've been busy with commissions as well; it must be that time of year. LOL!!!

  2. Wow, you really are productive! But it´s good idea, once the creative juices start flowing, go make some art! They´re really sweet, it would be fun to be a little fly on the wall, watching you work :-)

  3. Ok! Now you've done it! Here I am packing to move a zillion miles from my home to a new town. All my energy is going into selling this home, buying a new one and just the chaos of life with my sons and husband...all my art things are packed away and I am avoiding the creative bug....and then I see your work! aiigh! Get behind me....LOL YOur medium is what I would love to do. Keep going, Girl!