Thursday, June 3

Kindergarten Self Portraits

My kindergarten students drew these self portraits for Open House.

I gave a directed drawing lesson, guiding them through each part of the portrait.

I can't believe how they turned out. I love them.

Some are so expressive and revealing.

Others are simple and sweet.

They each have their own style.

and interpretation.

They started off a little hesitant,

but most ended up loving their work.

I always let kids have as many "chances" (pieces of paper) as they need so they can create in freedom, without fear.

There is nothing that paralyzes me more than thinking that I only have one chance.
I made them draw at least three portraits, and I let them create as many as they wanted to, and choose the one they wanted to display.

We had a little critique at the end (only positive comments) and they were so sweet and proud of their little portraits.
Now the question is: am I brave enough to attempt this assignment?!?
Why are self portraits so difficult? So painful? so... yuck...

You learn something new every day.
Kinder Student: Did you know that when you are a really good friend to someone, then you become cousins?


  1. I used to teach grade one and often did this exercise with my kiddos, using a mirror even. Seeing these brought tears of wonder and remembrance to my eyes.
    I too wonder if I could be so brave ? I do take self-portrait pictures of myself now - something I only started two years ago or so when I started blogging. Those photos of myself are the ones I have loved the best of any ever taken of me since I was a child.
    One thing I do remember about creating self-portraits is that we need to remember they are just one moment in time, one bit of ourselves that we are chosing to reveal. Hmmm, that makes it seem a little less scary for me somehow - how about you ?
    Congrats on the wonderful, beautiful and touching project with your sweet students !

  2. Erin these are wonderful. I love the colorful backgrounds used with the black on white portraits!! They did a marvelous job!!

    Great idea!!

  3. i love these
    with the part of my heart
    that is
    pure & true
    & wild & only love
    & it is my
    favorite kind of post
    lots of love
    to you
    with a face
    that is
    raw & real
    & shining warm sun
    your way.

  4. i didn't realize you were a kindergarten teacher! the drawings that come home from that age are amazing and so revealing. they're just aware enough to start capturing themselves, but not old enough to be inhibited. it is a perfect age. beautiful. all of these!

  5. Love the way art rolls right out of the hearts of little unrestricted and uncensored. Inspired I am! Rich and nourishing...thanks for sharing.

  6. Just perfect and precious Reminds me of Picasso We our all artist as children!!Lets stay in touch forever with the child in us!!

  7. How cute, and what a neat idea. I love how you made it such a positive experience for them.
    So kind. Matthew 25:40... Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me.
    Teaching is such a sweet ministry opportunity.

  8. Yay these are great. Love the cousins quote! I didn't really do a 'real' self portrait -turned it into an alter ego self portrait which is how I would like to look. Can't wait for ArtFest too - how will we ever choose classes?