Saturday, May 29

I'm making something

I've had this little project in my head ever since I made these little pretties

in her class at artfest in March.

I will show you when I finish.
soon. hopefully soon.


  1. can't wait... Thanks for the nice words. If you need any more directions with the clay robots just let me know. I have wanted to pour over your site and have not had the time - maybe in 3 weeks when school is out (who is counting?). I want to try all the business links you put up. So keep up all the info - love how to take better photos etc. And your list of books is cool - have not seen that ap. My son loves the Prodigal Son book. And yes it is good to think about why we do art and what we really want in return from it. There did I cover it all ? - doubt it. Just wanted you to know that you do a great job!

  2. Inspired I am! Thanks for the fresh bouquet of ideas to arrange and rearrange and play I'm itching to create something. I'm thinking pancakes for now....

  3. OH, I can't wait to see! And loved seeing your prayer flags again. They are AWESOME. Hugs! Shelly

  4. Ooooo! I love what you created with Karen Michel ! Wowza, those are beautiful! I especially love the loose writing of those sweet messages.
    The mosaics are off to a beautiful start !!!
    Thanks for your comment on my last post - it really made me smile ! Where do I come UP with these things ? It feels like they come to me rather than me coming to them...Yay for art !

  5. Cool, Erin! Your blog always inspires me to put a little more art in my life. I love your new packaging, too, from yesterday!

  6. Been by the last little while and am anxious to see what creative goodies you come up with.