Monday, July 19

Getting Unstuck: Inspiration for Mixed Media Collage at your Fingertips

Inspiration is everywhere.
From everyday objects,
to a few words you read in a book,
to other artists' work.

In my last post I whined about
getting stuck in my art,

and I've been thinking about
how I get unstuck

For the past couple weeks
I have been inspired by
setting my brushes aside +
painting with my fingers.

I love the way it feels on my fingertips +
I love the way the paint blends together.
it seems to create more texture.
and make it look more interesting.

Sometimes I get on a mission to
accomplish, accomplish, accomplish,
and painting with my fingers
slows me down and
reminds me to just play
and see what happens.

Try it out and
Let me know how it goes!


  1. Oh my goodness, ALL of my July journaling backgrounds that are painted, are done with my fingers! I LOVE it! It's freeing, but at the same time, I love the control. ~Kathy

  2. this is so cute! it's all about going back to the basics...the stuff we first did that made us love our craft. fingerpainting, sketching, writing. good for you, and awesome work!

  3. I love getting my hands into paint...seems to tug at a different part of my soul, letting creativity spill out more freely. And interesting things happen with color because it's so troublesome to keep washing off before I dip into new colors. Love your green finger:) -Jen

  4. This looks like a ton of fun! They both look great, and I can almost feel your inspiration pouring through the net :-)

  5. I'm with you! Nothing makes me happier than finding bits of dried paint on my fingers. It's like a happy little memory of my play time. Love your paintings, as usual, they are just lovely.