Saturday, August 21

I made it.

I'm back.
And I made it.
And I'll be visiting your blogs
and spreading blog love around.

I made it through my first week
of teaching kindergarten
full time
with a two year old.
And there were a lot of tears.
I miss him.
And a lot of guilt.
I miss him.
And a lot of falling down on the couch at 8:30
But I made it.

AHA Moment for me:
August is crazy.

I know I don't need to say,
but I just feel like saying it,
so I'm going to say it:
I miss you,
my blogging friends.

I miss knowing what you're doing
and being a part of your blogging world.
and getting ideas and inspiration
and running up to my studio to create,
and then running back down stairs
to share with you.
I'll be better.
I promise.

This is what I've been
doing in my
I'm not sold on them.
I liked them better before the text.
and before the white dots.
The text feels all squishy
and hard to read to me...
Maybe I'll add some charcoal
to darken + soften them up...

Honestly, what do you think they need?


  1. I know its hard to leave a little one behind and tiring to be working w/ alot of kindergarteners but hang in there:O) The paintings look awesome and all they need is a new loving home to go too:O) Have a great week

  2. Hugs to you for having made it through that first scary week.♥ I start back at second grade on Sept. 1st. I will be thinking of you and saying prayers. You are doing so well! Some tears are okay! You're exhausted because you work so hard and try so hard, and I can tell you are wonderful. Now be kind to yourself this weekend! ~Kathy PS. I love your Flower and words!

  3. I love them just the way they are, and will be loved by the person who takes them home.
    And wow--a kindergarten teacher--that's wonderful!

  4. They, like you, are loved and cherished
    and quite enough just as they are right now.
    Maybe you all just need a nap.
    Then you'll see the beauty in each other
    more clearly when your eyes are rested
    and refreshed:)
    Huge grace to you in the coming days.
    Be gentle with yourself,

  5. I love them both. I think that they look perfect the way they are. The text really does look good. I think it fits just right. I understand your work week. I work K, 1st,Coteaching and 2nd Grade resource. I miss my time creating all day. I come home and have to have a nap at least for a few min. The Crock pot has helped out alot. Also I have a 3rd grader and a 4th grader. Both girls, My oldest makes dinner one night a week and I get to create during this time and then when they go to bed I work for at least one more hour. I have started using the "Pages in stages" Technique from Cloth Paper Scissors on my other art work and it seems to help. I create a bunch of backgrounds during the week and then work on them as I have a chance. It has really helped me get time to create. I love your blog and I love your quotes and verses that you use. Thanks again for the inspiration. (I didn't mean to be so long):-)

  6. I knew you could do it! As you go through the rest of the school year, you will get a system going, probably shed a few more tears/guilt, and still accomplish what your heart tells you to create. I mean, for Pete's sake, you're a kindergarten teacher! You can do anything! As for the paintings, I adore them. I love the feelings they bring. So nice!

  7. Oh no, I love them! Especially the white dots! Thank you for your blog, very inspiring. Good luck with time juggling!

  8. Hi Erin...I like the paitings...and I LOVED seeing the evolution of them. I've never been good at paint...I think I've always been too one-dimensional. And now, after seeing a bit into your process...I KNOW I'm one-dimensional!!

    I hear you about leaving your baby..I cried for two years when I left my son at 10 weeks. And he was even being cared for by family! But's hard...the good part is that you are a teacher...and you get lots of vacations during the year and the WHOLE summer off! And when he is school age, it will be the perfect job for a loving mom.

    Nice to meet you... :)

  9. what a most wonderful spot you have here.
    i remember leaving my oldest the first time back at work...
    i blubbered for a VERY long time!
    kindergarten? that must wipe you out. i have always been so grateful for the kindergarten teachers in my life!
    i LOVE your piece...
    i just sketched out something with these EXACT words...
    so in all honesty...THESE ARE WONDERFUL!
    happy wednesday.

  10. I have been missing everyone too - back at work this week and so behind in everything. The school kiddos come next week so that will be fun at least -enough of the meetings and organizational stuff this week. I like the paintings. They are busier because of the words, but the words are soo good so I wouldn't change a thing... Gotta get enough sleep this week and take the vitamins - those little germs will be heading our way!

  11. you don't need to change a thing. or apologize. enjoy where you are right when you are at school--enjoy it. when you get home to your family--enjoy it. and when you get the chance to blog and visit with us--enjoy that, too. without apologies.