Tuesday, August 17

Is it just me?

Is it just me,
or do you ever mistake
yourself for superwoman?

 I really do
want to do it all.
And then it all hits at once
and I realize 
I'm not super human.
I should know this by now.

I've been in poppyland in my studio.
I want to make a bunch more. 
Just as soon as I get my cape 
and my magic time making machine.

I always, always miss my blogging friends when I'm away. 
Thank you for being my blogging friend. 


  1. We miss you too! And you ARE Superwoman, with or without a cape. :) Congratulations on the commission! That is FABULOUS!!! Go, Erin!

  2. Love the wild and free poppies.
    Pulling for you
    and just believing
    with and for you
    that huge grace will surround
    your dailyness and that you'll
    absolutely enjoy the ride:)

  3. :) i LOVE your paintings even though you've been mia. and really, sometimes i think i can do everything too. it's a little disappointing to realize i'm human. :) xo-kim

  4. Love the poppies. They are beautiful. I love all your work, you have really inspired me to create more and look at things differently.

  5. I love your pretty flowers. It's cool when you share your process.