Saturday, September 18

We are getting into the school routine over here.
I'm trying my best to be a good mom
 and come home from work and get outside
and take walks and paint
and sing and dance
and build towers
and do floor puzzles
when i really just want to collapse.

Art has been slow and
in short, wild spurts.
so many ideas floating around,
waiting to materialize.
and I'm being patient.
trying to hang onto them
until I can bring them to life.

And I keep telling myself
that all of this busyness
is just a season.
a short season.

I keep telling myself not to wish it away.
To cherish it and hold on to it.
not an easy thing to do
when all I really want to do
is lock myself in my studio for 
weeks on end and create and create. 

I just found some of my very first paintings.
So fun to look back and see growth
in this journey.  

May you spend your days well.


  1. I'm inspired
    by the beautiful light
    coming from your heart
    and the dance of your

  2. WOw these are beautiful. I love them. I think your are is very inspiriring I am working on finding a style that is all my own, and love your use of color. I understand the working at school and then coming home and wanting to crash. I work in K and 1st co-teaching and I am worn out by the time I come home and I feel that I dont have to energy to create art, but I try to at least work in my journal for a few min a day to keep the creative juices flowing.

  3. Oh, Erin! This is wonderful and your son is adorable...and very artistic I might add! Why haven't I ever thought of painting my belly? Just think, when he's old enough to "support the team" he can paint and go to a football or basketball game and be on the big TV! hahahaha
    Thank you for all of your very kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. I hope you weren't disappointed in me when I had a Down Time last weekend. I too felt overwhelmed by the enormous load a teacher and mom and art journaler can carry when we want to do it all, and curriculum and paperwork are always piling up more. But I think I am over the beginning of September hump when my exhaustion level has to settle itself in a workable place. I hope you know that every day I think of you. We CAN do this! (We'll support our own team!! No belly painting needed.)

  4. you know Erin it is a season. I am kind of on the other end, with my last child in collage - it does go by so very fast.

    But you know it's okay to take time for yourself too. Don't neglect that.