Sunday, September 19

Finding Divine Inspiration

I'm reading this book
The author talks about living a
listening lifestyle
Taking time to sit and listen
to the still, small voice.

so that's my challenge this week.
to sit.
and listen.
when I do,
my day is completely different.
I have different eyes.
different ears.
a different heart
for the people around me.

I have patience
that doesn't come from me.
My friend Mary inspired me
to take an online class.
She is such an inspiration.
Always learning,
always growing.

So I signed up for 
 silly drawing class.
She is a complete delight.

I fell for Carla
and fine point Sharpies
when I took her workshop
at Artfest last spring.
to sit and doodle and create
for the sake of creating
and just for fun.

her silly style 
 opens up creative doors for me.  
It allows me to take risks
and discover different parts of myself
and most importantly:
It's fun.
and simple.
mixed media can be so involved. 
so many steps:
painting some more...
it can take months to create a finished piece.

It is so satifying to sit down
and be finished
in a matter of minutes
and move on to something different.


  1. Inspired to listen deeply
    and lighten up, up, up........
    Always thanks:)

  2. Oh Erin! I just LOVE this whole post!! I have been thinking all weekend about peaceful moments and meditating in quiet prayer before starting my days. I HAVE to go get this book! Thank you so much for sharing it. Your drawings and happy "silly" doodles are amazing. They make me happy, and so do you! ♥ Kathy (PS. Have a good week in your K classroom! Do you have Open House this week? I do, Thursday evening.)

  3. Hi Erin,

    So glad you're enjoying the book! And I love your doodling reaction to listening to God. Wonderful! May I show it in an upcoming creativity seminar?


    J. Scott McElroy

  4. Absolutely! THank you. I am so enjoying this book.

  5. I love your dawings love them all!! so fun! have a artsy day!! ;)

  6. Erin our guest pastor spoke on silence last Sunday which is necessary to listen. It seems to be a re-occurring theme lately.

    I am glad we are going to discuss this book on Create by Faith.


  7. Really enjoyed your inspirational art, I pick my favorite and put it on my ETSY mini on my blog. Stop By and Say Hello. Hope you'll consider following me too! Many Blessings, Deborah

  8. i love all your doodling! do you know if you're going to be able to make it to artfest? did you put your name in the hat for the giveaway?

  9. Another arty Erin! I really like your blog and this post is so interesting - I might have to give this class a go :o)