Tuesday, January 18

Expectations & Surrender

My word for the year is surrender.

Honey Boo (I love this shop!)

And it's painful.
I didn't pick it.
It' picked me.

But I'm finding,
as a good friend pointed out,
that I'm having a tough time loving the life I have
because all of these expectations keep getting in the way.

So even though I have really great stuff,
it's not the stuff in my head.
it's different.

and I'm finding that my biggest struggle
is letting go of the expectations
I've clung to for so long
so that I can
and love
and fully enjoy

(Oh my. Check out this shop. Love her.)
not some made up version of life
that doesn't exist...


and it's hitting me from all sides.
everywhere I turn I find it's a
letting go.
laying down.

and as painful as it is
there is freedom in it.


  1. That is for sure! Letting go of our idealized world and embracing and being fully present in the one we have makes all the difference

  2. oh Erin i so understand this - and it is not easy. i wrote this in my journal yesterday.

    "endure the pain on the way to freedom"

    dying to "our" expectations about people, things, how we think life should look and be.

    but when we don't expect or demand we receive with gratefulness and are not devastated when it is not offered. i am still in the takes time so be patient with yourself.

    grace and peace

  3. You and your life
    There is radiance
    rushing in
    in the places
    where you let go.
    So gorgeous on you:)

  4. What a great post. I think so many can relate. I think with surrender we also need patience. I think that is my word! And with patience I must surrender.

    I hope you and baby are feeling well. Have a great week :)

  5. I get VERY impatient with myself. I lose hope sometimes because of my weaknesses. I think "patience" needs to be a word for me to practice...Thank you for making me think. Hope you are not being too hard on yourself, Erin. Best to you and baby. ♥Kath