Tuesday, February 22

35 Things & Cravings

3. Video Jack’s Johnny Cash routine
Jack has been obsessed with Johnny Cash
ever since my dad showed him
You Tube videos at 18 months.
He wouldn't watch anything else.
Of course every time I turned on the 
video camera he clammed up.
But I finally got him.

I had visions of black jeans, cowboy boots & hat
and a starched collared shirt,
but I was happy to get this version.

I have been loving being awake &
 functional in my 2nd trimester.
I'm in mellow, blissful, pregnancyland.
I didn't even realize it until my friend at school said,
"you're so pregnant right now."

And I can actually do some life & get some painting in.
I have been craving studio time.
Now that I'm painting again,
I just want to paint and paint and paint.

It's a good thing I have to family and work and sleep
because I can totally see myself dropping out of society
and forgetting all personal hygiene to
paint and paint for days and weeks on end.
Okay, so I'm a little extreme.
Do you ever feel like that?


  1. Too cute!!! Loved the video:O) I have a picture of my oldest when he was 4 playing a guitar singing Achey breaky Heart(preferred johnny Cash)So adorable this video. And yes I could disappear in my studio forever!!!!!Thanx for sharing:O)

  2. okay, that's just too adorable!!

    and yes, i start my day in my jammies, but then i am always afraid someone will come knocking on my door and i will scare the crap out of them with how wild my hair looks in the morning!!! and at my age a shower does wonders!!!