Monday, February 14

Lovefest 2011

In kindergarten Valentine's Day is
a complete love fest.
Pure sweetness all day long.
And for the teacher:
double sweetness.
Pure love.
All day.

Getting a little paper Valentine
might not seem like the most exciting thing,
but to 6 year olds, it's right up there with Christmas.
and not just getting one, but 20.
and giving them is equally as thrilling.
they've never done this before.
and they just bask in the love.
they are utterly shocked.
all day.

 Overheard 1176 times:
"Mrs. B.! Ellie gave me a card!"
And the are so delightfully surprised
by the whole thing.


My favorite part:
It's pieces of paper.
Not expensive toys.
or an amusement parks.
Little scraps of paper sent with love.
Hoping your day is full of delightful surprise.


  1. awww the gifts that the kiddies give:O) Im having issues with Blogger too! Ugh Have a great week:O)

  2. I am SO right there with you, Erin!!!♥