Thursday, March 24

Becoming a Business Owner. Part 2: The Stories We Tell Ourselves


Don't let the title mislead you.
This isn't a how-to.
It's just my thought and feelings
 and fears and process.

I want to share with you this journey.
I also want to help you, anyone, who is doing the same thing.
And continue on this journey with you.

It's really weird.
I so hesitate to write about the business side of things
because the gremlins come out in full force.
I feel realy embarassed.
"Who do you think you are?!?"
You're no business owner.
You just like to paint.

But I am writing and publishing and putting this outthere
because I am convinced that we believe the stories
we tell ourselves over and over every single day.
Whether we are concious of them or not.
So I have to become aware of my thoughts
and grab and put them in the Lord's hands.
These are the verses that I keep coming back to:

If any of you lacks wisdom, ask.


not by might not by power, but by the spirit of God.


apart from me you can do nothing.


we take every thought captive

Dear Lord,
I have no idea what I'm doing.
Please help me and lead me a guide and
take me where you want me to go.
Please provide for us.

How about you...
Do you struggle to see yourself as something new?
anything new?
an artist?
a runner?
a photographer?
a business owner?
What is it for you?


  1. Love this post! I embraced my Art 2yrs ago and made the decision that this is what I want a career in The Arts, art has been in my life forever and it feels great to paint everyday:O) It is not an easy business but I will not give up,Ive become a photographer(enough to get by) and becoming computer savvy, learning to make prints and jewelry! This has been a great journey soo far and I know it will get even better!!!And its great to meet wonderful fellow artist who are willing to share:O) Thanks for sharing:O)Isabel

  2. my heart jumps up and down
    with you over this post
    ...I feel it all!
    Yes, yes, yes to the shivers
    and quivers and shaking
    with big hope and
    huge questions
    and palms up
    as I hurl down the worries
    that would gobble me alive
    if I let them set up camp
    and stay.
    Glad and grateful for baby steps
    and for this most excellent
    shepherd we share!
    Thanks for this encouraging
    post, Erin,

  3. GO ERIN! Claim it, claim it, claim it and it will be yours! (Trying to do more of that myself!) Love the sharing and inspiration! Hugs, Shelly

  4. i struggle everyday. should i be doing this? how do i do this? how do i get more followers? how do i market?

    go on with your bad self - your art is awesome!

  5. You are strong and so is your faith...Great things are happening!

  6. brave women...stepping in, stepping out, to your real self, who God created you to be.

    hold it all with open hands and heart...


  7. I love reading your blog and yet all of us are cheering with your gut and saying ERIN GO FOR IT!

  8. There's more than a few guys I know who could do with reading this so I'm passing it on. My wife went through all these doubts when she set up her own business a few years ago. She leant on God for support and through him it's now all coming to fruition. I'm just venturing onto Etsy and following her lead. Great artwork by the way.