Tuesday, March 29

The Spring Break List

Do what you don't want to do,
so that you can do what you do want to do.
Erin Leigh
I tend to skip the stuff I don't want to do and jump right to the fun part.
Which leaves a lot of stuff left undone.
and dirty.

As my spring break approaches (next week)
I'm making my list and checking it twice.
***Beware: no fun included.***

These are in order of super gross,
(I'd prefer a sharp stick in the eye)
to not so bad,
(I don't really mind,
I just need to set aside time.)

The best way out is always through.
Robert Frost

I need to remember this.
every day. 

Here's my list:
(I made it rainbow-colored so as to make it
 seem more fun than it really is.)

1. Taxes. Enough said.

2. Get the day bed out of my studio & sell it on Craig's List.
Move a table & the printer hutch into the studio.

3. Go to Fry's (Ugh. Hate this store.) 
Buy an affordable, high quality scanner.

4. Learn how to use my new scanner. (Cringe.)

5.  Scan in every print in my etsy shop
and replace with the current photos.

6. Buy a bunkbed.
Play with Jack while my
husband builds said bunk bed. 

7. Organize the boys room.
That's a whole post. Or a series of posts.
People with kids:
How in the world do you deal with all of this kid stuff?!?!
I'm stumped. And I only have one two year old.

8. Get out new born baby stuff (!)
Make a list of what we need.

9. Make my studio the creative haven of inspiration
 that I've always wanted.
10. Paint to my heart's content.
(I had to add something fun.
It's spring break, for cryin' out loud.)
I'm tempted to add
ridiculous things like
"Clean the baseboards"
"Wash the windows."
"Organize the kitchen cabinets."
But let's be real.
That stuff is not happening in real life.
I'll be lucky if I get half of my
list even attempted.

I will keep you posted...

* These photos are from a fun wander I had around
Cedros a couple of weeks ago..


  1. Ugh. Why do we call it a Break?
    (My Easter Spring break is a week before Easter.)
    I will do SOME spring cleaning, but I know I will paint and sketch (finally) and journal and make buttons!!! Then, it'll be over and I'll wish I did more! Good luck, Erin! Want to show me some baby stuff next week?? I'd love to dream and see! hugs, Kath

  2. I'm so so with you....I cringed and recoiled
    even before I saw the "ugh"s alongside the
    top parts of your list.
    Can so identify!
    Will pray for extraordinary grace
    that it flow mind-bogglingly smooth
    and precious time wasted
    getting hung up on the rocks
    but that you sail through.
    Fresh stiff breezes in your sail
    and they carry you peacefully through
    and to the good stuff.
    Be watching for all the kisses
    heaven sends you
    along the way:)
    Cool runnings,

  3. Instead of spring break, it should be called spring chore week. :)

  4. Erin, praying you get accomplished all the things that need to be accomplished...and that you find time for some play, and some rest...don't forget to rest...

    Don't you just want to save every word Jennifer writes!! :)

  5. erin - i finally just pulled together most of our tax stuff. I am usually really on top of taxes but not this year. Today Frank and I set up the crib and some baby stuff. Hmmm daybed huh I might want to take a peak and see if we want to buy it:) Yeah for next week, we get to play :) Jewels

  6. sounds like a very LARGE list my dear. hope you get it all accomplished and still squeeze in some fun. i have 5 children and know exactly what you mean about "stuff"...we are in the process of moving and i am learning that all the "stuff" i thought i needed was really just "stuff" i wanted. want vs: need would have been a BIG bit of advice 18 yrs ago when our first little guy was born. you.ll figure it out.
    i LOVE bunkbeds.
    sending hugs,