Thursday, April 14

Creative Book Club: April 2011

I only call it that because I can't think of
anything more creative to call it.

{My dear friend kristi (with 7 month old twins at home!), me,
and sweet baby Katelyn (Kelley's baby, not mine)}
We started off as a creative book club
but we stopped reading books a long time ago
and now we make deicious food and do a crafty projects together.

{kelley + michelle}
{becky + elise}
I love these girls.
We are so different,
at different places in life.
Doing different things.

We come together each and every month
 for the past two years
to make and eat food 
and talk and laugh and create and share life.

We start in the early evening and stay forever and ever.
Last night we made sliders and silky flower pins.

and coffee and chocolate
So simple. So fun.
Something I'd never do on my own time.
The tutorial came from emily.
Her blog is chock full of great ideas.
Look how cute this calendar is.

If you don't already have your own
 creative book club that doesn't read books,
it's really worth the effort to create your own.

The project is beside the point,
It's just about getting together.
And sharing life.
I'm ready for next month.


  1. I am glad you have this group. Friends doing life!


  2. What a super fun idea!! Friends, laughter, creating & food...such an amazing mixture!! :)