Wednesday, April 13

Creative Business Tips: Find your tribe.

Creative Business Tip #1: Find your tribe.

I know this isn't a new idea.
Everyone's talking about tribes.
But that's because it's so true.

Last year I won a scholarship to Artfest
and it changed my life.
Mostly because I met
all kinds of my peeps.
 In person.
 Doing what I love to do.
I felt so at home.

I met her and her and her and her
And do you know what all of them are?
They are not only are they fun, creative, wonderful women and artists.
They are business owners.

They are real live, flesh and blood people making a living from their art.
And I met them. face to face.
I sat down and had conversations with them.
I saw that they were just people.
Not women with superpowers.
Just people who decided that they were going
to make a living making art.
and they did it.
They made it happen.

hm. (head tilt.)
Honestly, that's the first time it crossed my mind that I could do it too.
If all of these women can do this, there's no reason why I can't do this too.
And it totally changed the way I thought about myself and my art.
It opened up worlds of possibilities for me.
Before I went to Artfest these were only women I knew of.
Women I read about in magazines and stalked on their blogs.
Art goddesses. The chosen ones.
And since Artfest these (and so many other) women have been a
constant inspiration to me through their blogs.

As I see you climb your mountains
so make me wanna climb my own.
Here are some women/artist/business owners who
constantly inspire me with their creativity and and perserverence and resoluteness.
I can honestly say that I would not be where I am on this journey without you.
Without your encouragement & support & courage & example.

My creative business tip:
Find the people who have gone before you in this journey.
People who spur you on and inspire you.
People who make you keep at it and grow and get better.
And tell you to keep going when you feel like quitting.


  1. SO, SO true, Erin! I seriously had the same thoughts... I don't think I would have been brave enough to start the journey if I hadn't seen some real, down-to-earth people who were already living a dream that I didn't even realize was my dream too until I saw them living it. One of my very favorite parts of this year's Artfest was that people - people I barely knew from last year's Artfest and some people I don't think I'd met at all - came up to me and told me that I had inspired them in one way or another. Little ole me. My heart was so filled up that I'm going to save up those amazing comments for the rainy days when I'm doubtful or struggling creatively.

    With all that said, I want to tell you that YOU inspire ME with your wonderful art, your bravery and your shared words.

    HUGS!!!! - Shelly

    P.S. I can't remember if I told you this, but I was so thrilled to open up an art magazine and see your art! And the article was so well done! And your words were so well articulated... such a wonderful piece featuring fabulous YOU! Loved it!!

  2. ohhhh. thanks Shelley. you have seriously inspired me & so many. i loved your photos of artfest. your classes looked like so much fun. i have to find a way to go back!!!

  3. Excellent Post! And it is very true, the work is hard sometimes, but having your tribe helps you REALLY ENJOY the journey.