Wednesday, June 1

Backyard Makeover: Summer Lovin'

Had me a blast.

The thing I love most about living in San Marcos is our summer nights.
It can get hotter than hot here in the summer.
But the nights always cool down to perfection.
We spend a ton of time out here in the summer.

Our house is not big,
so if we want to have people over,
we end up in the backyard.

For the past couple of days we've been cleaning up the backyard
 all of the toys & junk & getting it ready for summer.
Of course I forgot to take the before pictures.
But, trust me, it was a mess.

We bought a new patio set after church on Sunday.
Darryl's parents helped us set it up and put up the canopy and haul off tons of junk.

We organized the outside toys & put up a little umbrella in the sand box.

We got a new swing.
New flowers. (My favorite part, of course)
Added pillows & candles.

And voila... a whole new backyard.

Here are some more ideas I'd love to get to this summer.

Happy Summer!


  1. Look s colorful and inviting!!!:O) What is Pinterest?? Ive logged in there but not sure how it works?? Enjoy your backyard:O)

  2. oh my gosh, love the rainbow umbrella...i would love to have sandboxes like that for my grandkids, but we have too many cats (it would look to them like one giant litter box) lol

    Erin your backyard looks so inviting, and the Pinterest photos are yummy...i can't join, i can't join, i can't join...i have a fear i would never get off my butt, i would just be on the computer all day.

    enjoy your rejuvenated backyard.


  3. Isabel, Pinterest is like a giant bulletin board where you can"pin" all of the great ideas you see on the internet. And you can have tons of different boards, and follow other people's boards. It takes a little time to play around with, but it's really fun. I'll send you an invitation.

  4. Mary, i know, i know. that's why I've resisted for so long. And it is as wonderful as it's cracked up to be. Except it freezes my computer a lot, and that's annoying.

    oh happy summer nights:)

  6. I love that umbrella!!! Alot of backyard inspiration going on. Thank you for sharing that!

  7. your back yard looks awesome. very inviting and comfortable. if i were closer i would love to come visit!!! i too LOVE pinterest!

  8. These are all astonishing images! Those ideas can surely shabby up your garden! Keep sharing your pinterest finds please!