Wednesday, June 8

Summer Lists & a New Look

how is it June 9th already?

We've been busy doing...
nothing productive any way.

I'm giving myself June and July to just be.
To rest. To play. To relax. To be with Jack.
To get ready for this baby.
(12 days left!)

No lists, no goals, no plans.
It's weird.
and wonderful.
And while I am so tempted to create my own summer list
after seeing all of these fun lovelies.
I have one item on my list:
have a baby.

We'll have plenty of summers to fill up
with fun activities and lists of things to do.
But this summer there will be no obligations.
We will adjust to life together as a family of 4.
And resist the temptation to want to "get through it".
Savor it and enjoy it.
And nap whenever possible.

Art is at a stand still,
but did you notice my blog overhaul?
has been working hard and I am loving the new look.

What are your summer plans?



  1. BEAUTIFUL Erin....I love the fresh look!
    It's like the perfect summertime haircut!
    And I love the grace in your to-do list
    ...such a gentle kindness to your family.
    Bravo, mom.
    That makes you supermom in my book:)
    12 days....loving and lifting you,

  2. Erin love the new look. I am thinking you are very wise to skip those lists for now...I think they are a great idea later down the road a bit, and napping whenever you can is a must!


  3. Thanks for the blog love! It really is like a good haircut Jennifer, youalways have the right words.

  4. Love the new design!!!! And i agree do nothing enjoy the summer and get ready for the baby!!!:O) Me Im going to do more reading(been neglecting that) and of course art and spend time with my family and laugh:O) Thanx for sharing have a great day!!!!!:O)

  5. Oh my gosh - the new blog design! I am currently having mine reworked too! My fav color is turquoise, so I love the hints of it here and there. As far as the summer plans...I am planning on doing a "summer list" with my daughter. I am hoping it has a lot of "relaxing" on it. :) You take care of yourself these next 12 exciting!!!