Saturday, July 23

Flying Solo

Yesterday was a sad day.
Actually, Tuesday was our sad day and today was another.
Daddy went back to work and Mimi and Papa went on a 3 week trip to Ireland.
Happy for them, sad for us.

Auntie Cami  (aka: fairy godmother) flew all the way from Dallas to work
her magic with the boys and I as we learn to fly solo.

It was a really great week together.
We did a lot of hanging out.
a lot of talking.
a lot of laundry.
We went to the beach park.

and the spray ground.

and I took lots of naps.

sweet josh is sweet, sweet, sweet.
I can't come up with a word that describes him more perfectly.

I worked late nights in my studio because I could
take naps. New art is coming soon.

Thank you sweet Auntie Cami.
You are the best. We miss you more than you know.
Wish us luck flying solo in the next couple of weeks.


  1. OK, you know how to make a girl cry! I enjoyed my stay VERY much. Sorry it had to be so short!!! I'll be back!

  2. How sweet! So nice to have such loving family to help out. Best to you and your little boys as you fly solo next week, Erin! K

  3. Isn't wonderful to have some help?? People don't realize how precious sleep is to a new mom! Newborns are just the sweetest...nothing better. Looking forward to the new art. :)

  4. Little Josh is so adorable!!

    Sounds like you've had a lot of supportive hearts around you. That is such a blessing.

    Wishing you lots of smooth days and peaceful nights while you fly solo. You will soar, Mama!


  5. oh my goodness.... i am behind the times here! i didn't know that you had a new addition -- and you're making time for your art in the middle of all of it. you are a rockstar! congratulations!