Wednesday, July 13


So,  I have this huge long list of stuff I need to do
and I'm so overwhelmed by it all that I can't seem to do anything.
Now, I know you'll probably say,
Oh you just had a baby, don't worry about it...
but the thing is, the more I don't do, the more it bothers me, you know?
And it's stuff I just want to do and get done and move on, so I'll feel better.

like thank you notes & Josh's birth announcement.
I didn't even make one for Jack because I couldn't decide
 on a picture and design. It was too overwhelming.

photo credit
and then I was talking to my dear sweet Aunt Cami in Texas
 who is coming to visit and help out next week
and she told me a little secret.

I doesn't have to be perfect.

And what she didn't say because she's sweet is...
no one else really cares.
about the picture, I mean

I didn't even realize it, but I have letting my
perfectionism paralyze me and rob me of my joy.
My counselor points this out to me pretty frequently.
"If it's not perfect it's *$%*^."
All or nothing. No middle ground.

And it robs me of the little daily joys all around me.
And what's worse, and super scary to me, is that my perfectionism,
 left untamed, will actually hurt my family.
My husband and my boys.
If I'm never good enough for me,
then they won't be either,
and that sucks.
photo credit

That's not the wife and mother I want to be.
That's not the home I want to make.
That's not the men I want to raise.

Thank you, Aunt Cami for a little reality check.
I'm going to finish that birth announcement now...


  1. Uhh thank you notes! They haunt me but I have promised myself I will get them done this Friday while G is at preschool. I really think it's rude not to send them to people because they expect them. Well, I think they do but honestly I don't care if anyone sends me one because I get it. Baby announcement sorry Sammy.

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! My fight against perfectionist tendencies has been one of the most difficult of my life, but so, so, so important. I encourage you in your fight for JOY!!!

  3. oh i'm so with you on the perfectionist front girl! its a daily battle! i've gotten better about it, but some days it still gets the best of me. we have to learn to let go of the little things and make the main thing, the main thing....know what i mean? :D and i'm pretty sure i got announcements for aiden, but never sent 'em out.....and that was a whole procrastination thing which i still struggle with on a daily basis. and thank you notes....well, don't even get me started! lol! i stink at that! ;)

    oh and i sent ya an email yesterday....wanted to let you know i'd be in your neck of the woods next week, but sounds like you'll be busy with family in town. sure would love to see ya though if you have a little time on tuesday or wednesday. <3

  4. so so understand, friend.
    your beautiful heart will shine through
    whatever you do
    and that is more, more
    MORE than enough!
    Be gentle with you:)

  5. Thank you for the reminder. I am right there with you and struggle with getting started on my to-do list for fear my work won't be perfect. Thanks for being so honest.