Tuesday, October 25

A trip to the pumpkin patch & meal planning...

We took the boys to the pumpkin patch this week.
It was hot, hot, hot. The cute long-sleeved fall outfits had to stay home.
I'm so ready for it to start cooling off and be fall already.

I can't believe we got a cute family picture of the 4 of us!

Jack is obssessed with tractors and transportation right now.
He was thrilled to get to drive.

Joshy is all smiles {as long as he's being held.}
And I am still a walking zombie.

After taking about a looooooooooooooooong {6 month} break from
meal planning & cooking anything I'm finally {finally} getting back to it.
And, like everything else in life,
I really don't mind it once I get going.
It's just the getting started part that's hard.
damned inertia.

And it's so satisfying when I actually pull off
making yummy & cheap & healthy meals.
Here's my week...
{It could also be called how to cook chicken 1,000 different ways.}

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
Parisian Salad
and Rosemary Sourdough Bread

Easy chicken potpie

 Crockpot barbequed chicken
sweet potato fries

veggies & noodles with thai coconut curry sauce
cucmber, tomato, & feta salad

taco soup
corn bread

Happy fall!


  1. Cute photos!! I will trade you: some of your too-hot weather for my way-too- cold!!! Okay? Happy cooking, sounds good Erin!

  2. Friday: delirious toast with scrambled eggs and three bites of an old burrito. Saturday: Dominoes.

    Oh--that's my meal plan. Yours looks better.

    Ok--you have to watch the whole thing. The video piece, I mean. Go do it. Trust me. xo