Monday, November 14

hello monday {link up}

hello druel-faced toe-grabber
{almost 5 months}

hello trader joe's chai tea

hello christmas angels in my mailbox
come back here for a tutorial on thursday
{thank you cloth paper scissors}

hello lazy mornings

hello hours of dance parties in the garage with daddy's old dj stuff
hello {and thank you} etsy orders to package

hello my latest netflix streaming addictions
{guilty pleasures. i can't stop watching.}
hello getting ready for queen bee market this friday
goodbye sweet auntie cami from texas
{we miss you}
goodbye pinterest
{this week only}
goodbye 3 bags of maternity clothes
goodbye summer
what are you saying hello to today?
linking up with lisa today


  1. I love your Hello's! Your baby is a sweetie and growing!!

  2. Just saw your CPS article! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Super awesome! So, so happy for you. :)

    P.S. I just watched (gobbled up really) all of the Netflix episodes of Sister Wives. No idea why I like the show (my husband keeps asking but I still don't have a good answer), but I just do. :)

  3. Love seeing the beauty of your big bountiful life!
    Cheering you on:)
    big gulps of grace to you,