Friday, April 20

Plant a Tree for Earth Day!

I love Plant with Purpose because they work holistically,
helping people rise up out of poverty and helping our environment.
I also love that I can doante a dollar or $100 and really see
how they will use that money.
Seriously, it's amazing what they do. World-changing, really.

This little video will get you so excited to plant some trees and change the world.

Plant With Purpose has been working with the rural poor in 6 countries around the world since 1984. For many, survival is contingent on the health of the environment. The same applies to us, but in a much more removed way. 
Around the world, small farmers, desperate to feed their families, are forced to cut down large areas of forested land, clearing it for farming or to sell as wood.  The resulting erosion and loss of soil fertility leaves entire hillsides desolate and barren, entrenches them in a vicious cycle of poverty and deforestation. 
Trees play an important part in absorbing harmful CO2 and releasing life-giving oxygen, but the full benefits of trees go much deeper. Trees’ root systems provide living barriers that prevent soil erosion, replenish the water table, and restore desolate, unproductive lands.  
When trees are planted alongside crops—a technique called agroforestry—farmers experience all the benefits of trees while also providing food and a sustainable income for their families.  Plant With Purpose works with farmers to utilize sustainable farming techniques, empowering them to overcome poverty, provide for their families, live in dignity, and fulfill their greatest dream of all—leaving the world a better place for their children. 
Who knew that caring for the environment actually improves the lives of the rural poor? It’s going green meets reducing poverty meets restoring environments meets transforming lives! 

Celebrate Earth Day today by doing something to alleviate poverty! This month, Plant With Purpose is being featured on the
 58: Global Impact Tour, where they’re hoping to raise $40,000 to plant 90,000 trees in the Dominican Republic. For the entire month of April, every contribution will be doubled because of a generous matching grant. Head to the tour page to see how you can plant a tree and change lives!



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