Friday, June 29

Summer Happenings

I am learning how to stay home.
Learning to be content right here.
To use what we have and to love what we have.
and purge the rest.

I've been home with the boys for two weeks now.
And there is nothing that Jack would rather do than be home and play.
It's me who starts climbing the walls by 10:00 AM.
But I'm getting better.
and we're getting really good time together.

And the curls had to go.
I had three people tell me what a pretty little
girl he was in one week. I knew it was time.
He's such a little boy now.


This little guy turned one.
And I threw a party for me.
Because I made it through the first year. (wahoo.)
I love babies, but they are hard and exhausting and
 I love this little one year old age.
I might just be able to freeze him right here.

We are back to the budget.
Painful, but necessary if I want to keep
being able to work part time. which I do. forever.
It feels really good to know that
we are living within our means.

Our Summer Budget:
1. Cash only.
2. Shop with a list.
Stick to the list.
3. Don't step foot in Target.
4. Stay close to home.
5. Make up fun free stuff to do.
6. Listen to Dave.
7. Use what we have.
8. Love what we have
where we are
right now.

Art is at a stand still.
I've lost my mojo.
Life is full to the brim right now.
I don't know what the deal is,
but I just  have no desire right now.
I've been reading this book again.
And it always rocks my world.
In the swing. In the morning. With coffee.
Sweet time.
I'm stuck on Psalm 34 right now.
 It's rocking my world.

And reading this.
It's good. It's making me think.

And this.
Love Mati Rose.
And this with the
creative book club.
Summer is going by way too fast!


  1. Sounds to me like you are living life well...making good and wise decisions...being honest about where you are...even in the struggle of the everyday...the ups and downs...the easy and the challenging.

    Your life is full and rich sweet one! But I also know some days are just downright hard...your doing great!


  2. Hi there,
    Summer Happenings
    All vital points covered! I want to say that this post is awesome and I thank you for taking the time to share it.