Thursday, January 31

Bible 101: God's Great Big Love Letter to You


Okay, I've got some splainin' to do.
I was just rereading my posts and I realized
that I've been throwing the word scripture around a lot,
making it sound all fancy. It's not.

Scripture is just a fancy word for the Bible.
The Bible is just God's great big love letter to you.

To me?
Yes, you.
You, who are reading this right now.
God loves you.
He made you. Wonderfully.
He wants to have a relationship with you.
To talk to you and listen to you.

How does He do this?
Through the Bible. 
But where to even begin, right?
The Bible is this big, overwhelming book that I don't understand most of the time
and certainly doesn't impact my life right this very second, right?

So, I was thinking that I want to explain the basics for people new to the Bible,
or just curious about it, who want to read it, but don't know where to start.
But then I found something way better.

I was reading Chrissie's blog and she mentioned 

It's awesome.
They are reading through a kid's version of the Bible
It is the best. 
I read it to Jack every night and I learn so much through it!
I'm thinking that every Christian should read this book.
It is so clear and engaging and accurate. 
It shows how every story in the Bible points to Jesus.
And how much God loves and pursues us.

She even provides Tips and Tricks
if you've never been in a Bible Study before.

So, if you're at all interested in who God says He is
and what He says in the Bible, give it a try.
It will rock your world. 
You will never be the same.
I promise.


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