Friday, April 19

Best Day Ever

I haven't blogged in so long,
but a few Sundays ago was the best, unexpected day ever.
This picture says it all. 

Nothing less than THRILLING.
The look on his face is priceless.
One of those moments you just want to freeze and hang on to.

We went for a ride around the lake.

Jack kept saying, 
"I'm doing it!!!"

The best.

"I've always dreamed of riding my bike with 2 wheels."
The first thing he said when he came down stairs the next morning was
"Can you believe I rode my bike with two wheels?"

And of course Joshy would not be left behind.
 He jumped up on Jack's little bike and figured out how to ride within days.
And he is so happy to be a big boy,


I know I've slacked off the blogging wagon
but I've been making and making and making at night
and it feels really good and productive.

One of my big, huge art dreams is coming true.
I kind of don't even want to speak it out loud...
and just wait to make sure it doesn't disappear in a poof of smoke.
but I kind of can't even keep it in.

My art work will be represented by A.D. Lines at Surtex this year.
So I'm making all kinds of collections.
And trying not to get too excited.


I'm so, so inspired by you.
Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting and encouraging and sharing.

I've received a handful of emails from people letting me know that
they have started art journaling scripture,
or added a little bit of art to their writing journal.
Yay!!!!! That's my whole point!

To be honest, the 31 days was WAY more work and time
than I ever imagined it could be.
The reason I chose it, was to get scripture inside
my (our) hearts and minds and into my (our) lives.
To "work out my salvation"

I love if you are still patiently following along,
even though it might take 10 more years to actually finish
And it's totally worth the work if you try something (anything) new
take a risk, and get a chance to explore God's Word in a new way.
You know?

And a little midmorning snack...

Squirt bottles.
best/cheapest toy ever from the 99 Cent Store.
This kept him busy for hours upon hours upon days.

And finally! We planted a flower garden.
mammoth sunflowers, pumpkins and a bunch of wildflowers.
last year our garden was eaten by critters before it even had a chance to grow.
This year... I'm hopeful!

Happy Friday, Peeps!


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  1. what a lovely full life you live sweetie!
    glad to see good things swirling around you and around others you touch...

    your boys are are you!!