Monday, July 22

Go with all your heart! More Inspirational Mixed Media Collage

Hi friends. 
I've been busy in the studio. 
So many ideas are whirling around in my brain so I decided to get some out...

I love these  quotes...

Can you read what they say? 

I kind of love these pieces. 
Most of the time I finish, and I'm just too close to it to tell if I even like it. 
But after waking up and seeing these... I kind of love them.
They're a little different for me.

I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone, 
try new colors and techniques. 
Anyway, here they are.

We are packing up to go to the mountains for a week.
I love the mountains in the summer.

I'm just taking my watercolors & pens with me. 
Honestly, it makes me kind of nervous to leave my art stuff.
Is that weird? Do you feel that way too?
But I won't even have time to miss it.

Happy summer friends!


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