Saturday, July 6

The 4th, journaling, kids, and my feelings about the park

 We are in the thick of it. 
Summer.  Hot. Art. Marriage. Kids.
Life. of it.

Jeanette had a really good point,
 that social media only shows the perfect, 
when clearly everyone's perfect life is not perfect. 
I get that & it's annoying.

But I do like looking back on the little moments throughout week that are kairos, you know?
Because I really do forget all of these little details as soon as they're gone.
I'm exhausted. I'm sure you are too. 
But looking back through our days and weeks makes me happy.

I was so spoiled this week. 
My aunt & cousin came out from Texas and we stayed on Mission Beach.
For a whole night. Without kids. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...
And we sat on the porch and drank wine and ate Trader Joes concoctions
and walked around the beach and rode the rollercoaster and doodled and painted and slept in.

We had a great 4th of July. I loved it, actually. Mellow. 
Barbeque and firework and bubbles, and of course I forgot to take pictures.

Watching fireworks with friends and their cute kids...

I love this picture of Darryl and Josh, 
my mom and Jack watching fireworks.
They were thrilled.

I have been stalking this blog ever since Judy Giusta Facebooked it.
Whatever you do don't read it if you don't want to get on a plane
and fly to Russia and adopt 2 precious little souls with me. Tomorrow.
Don't tell my husband.

I love this book. I think I'm the last person on the planet to read it.
Bit by bit. 

I want to read this book...

Art journaling. My love. 
Makes me happy just thinking about it. 
I made a photo transfer for the first time and it came out amazing.
I kind of can't believe it. It's like magic.
The possibilities are endless. Seriously excited about this.
I scratched too hard, where the arrows are,
but it is seriously so beautiful to me. 

I'll have an art journaling tutorial (Day 19) about photo transfers on Monday.
It's seriously easy. I mean it.

Here are my new canvases...
I've bee making lots and lots of art. 
Don't worry, I will burn out and take a break soon, 
but right now I am on a roll.

Here are some new flowers I've been working on in the middle of the night. 
After 5 years of making art and having littles I cannot even begin to find a balance.
Some times I just fall over at 7:00 after a day with them 
and sometimes I stay up until 3 because I just want to and
 I'm on a roll and I don't want to stop.
What do you do? Seriously, I wanna know. 
What do you do?
I love my kids and I love my art.
 I'm a better, kinder, gentler person when I have art in my life.
both are a necessary.

I love it. It seriously makes me so happy. 
And so tired.  

I have a perfect solution, it just doesn't seem to be working for me. 
If only I didn't have to sleep... 

I know. it's season. 
And a sweet, sweet season at that.
Exhausting and beautiful is what it is.

And the nights. Seriously, the nights.
The nights are cools and quiet and perfect.
I love outdoor summer nights with the littles riding around the backyard.
Happy summer friends. 

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  1. You are not the last person on the planet to read Love Does. I'm reading it right now. I'm about to try my hand at art journaling - small scale in a sketch book. You are my inspiration. ;)