Friday, September 13

Life Happens

I joined Kim's mug swap this year.
My package came I think I got the best one. ever.
Over the top generous and cute and perfect.
Thank you sweet Sally.
Look at the loot!
Starbucks Caramel Via,
good chocolate,
vintage fabric

And of course, a great big Texas mug.
Perfect size for my morning coffee.

Handmade mug rugs.
Seriously cute.

Mini quilt and journal.

wow. you are the best, Sally.
 Thank you so much.

Josh if officially 2.
This tantrum is because Spidey's leg wouldn't bend the right way.
He is so up and down. All cuddles and kisses one moment,
and throwing a screaming fit the next.

"Stop looking at me, mom.
I don yike you. nevah. evah. evah."

I'm excited to start contributing scripture art work
to a new blog called Pick Your Portion.
Different writers and artists contribute each day.
I like the idea of reading together and seeing how others respond, you know?
I also like having someone tell me what to read in the Bible.
If it were up to me I would read the gospels and Ephesians and Psalms.
over and over and over. I have.
But there's good stuff in the other parts too, so there's that.


We've been busy.
Lots of baseball with daddy.

Lots of music making.

Lots and lots and lots of park with Julie and Kristi and kids.
{thank you!}

Riding motorcycles with friends.

Making new friends,
"Hi, I'm Joshy. What's yours?"

Toasted Almonds on top of chicken barley soup.

Packaging Etsy orders to go to the post office.
The boys know all the Post Office people by name.
{Thank you!}

I painted this bench by the door to freshen things up a little.
I need to sand it and rough it up a little.

And then I made this painting for above the fireplace.
I'm not sold on it. It's hard having my own art on the wall.
It's so in your face. All I can see is what I would change.

And I've been sneaking in a little bit of art here and there.
I'm working on a coffee series that's been brewing {ha!}
in my mind for a very long time.

And as it turns out...
I'm a pro. {Who knew?}
The editor of Somerset Apprentice asked me to answer some questions.
I was honored. Thank you for including me and making me feel like a pro.


That's all for now.
Happy Friday, friends!

life rearranged


  1. I don't see a thing that needs to be changed in any of your art! It's always beautiful. You scored in the mug swap!

  2. that IS some awesome loot!
    loving the texas mug, and the mug rugs too! :)
    the sheep tape on the box is amazing!